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  • Infrared Roof Inspections Hidden Moisture and Leak Location
  • Infrared Electrical Inspections with Ultrasound
  • Infrared Air Leakage & Energy Loss Inspections
  • Infrared Water Leak and Moisture Inspections Commercial and Residential

Infrared Roof Inspections

Insulation Moisture | Leak Location with Vector Mapping & Image Validation

Infrared Moisture Inspection

  • NIGHT and DAYTIME imaging as
    the project requires
  • Armco TEAMWORK with the Roofing
  • MID-WAVE cameras for REFLECTIVE
    or other difficult surfaces
  • Large project AERIAL SURVEYS
  • Core and meter Imaging
  • BUR, Mod-bit, SMR and Thermoplastic
    non-ballasted membranes with
    coatings, overlays and varied insulation

Leak Location

  • High-slope ROOF: Infrared
    of attic/interior with
    meter confirmation
    for Modified Bitumen,
    Gravel coated or smooth BUR,
    TPO-PVC and Vegetated or Ballasted
    and non-conductive membranes
  • Low Slope Dry Roof: High
    pinhole location for TPO,
    PVC or other non conductive membranes.

New roofs:

  • Quality control for work
    in progress
  • Basis for damage/leakage
    disputes with other trades
  • Validation of completed work
  • Manufacturer warranty validation
  • New owner confidence and referral

Infrared images from completed ARMCO projects:

25yr BUR w/gravel coat light=wet
Daylight EPDM image-dark=wet
Moisture migration beyond Insulating board is clear
Wet roof Leak location underway with Vector Mapping equipment

Review and download a PDF survey sample report

Existing roofs:

  • Cost effective and precise sectional replacements of low-slope roofing from wet area discovery, on-roof highlighting and near-scale area drawings
  • Improved repair-replace decisions from reliable moisture percentage assessment
  • Minimized cost of manufacturer specified prep prior to overlay or membrane coating
  • Leak location for pitched or low-slope installations

Installation Quality and New Roof Validation

Newly installed or installation-in-process roofs may also have moisture issues that need attention. Our Q/C scans of new roofs provide a benchmark and validation for the roof membrane manufacturer as well as the building owner, facility manager and roofing contractor.

Aerial Surveys for Large/Complex Roof Surfaces

Some roof assemblies require a different approach – a view from the air. Armco Roofscan provides Aerial Infrared Imaging services through the AITSCAN division of our National RoofscanIR Network.

Flat & Sloped Roof Leak Inspection

For New Roof Systems:

  • Validation of good condition for new roof installations in process
  • Validation of roof condition for Installer, GC and Manufacturer Warranties
  • New roof performance baselines for future infrared evaluations

For Existing Roof Systems:

  • Roof refurbishment coatings or overlays with minimum trapped moisture
  • Manufacturer warranty validation for refurbishment coatings or overlays
  • Reliable information for confident repair or replace decisions
  • Leak damage possibility to furnishings or finishes minimized
  • Reliable evidence for litigation efforts