Armco’s Tools of the Trade in Raleigh and the Triangle Area


FLIR T620 Thermal Imager with 640×480 detector resolution, high thermal sensitivity, telephoto and wide angle lens options to facilitate high resolution imaging for flat roof moisture discovery, electrical system overheating, energy loss and interior moisture scans.


FLIR PM290 Thermal Imager  is a cooled detector, mid-wave camera with wide angle lens assembly, very high thermal sensitivity and 256×256 detector resolution. This imager is used by Armco expressly for slick roof surfaces as it has the capability to “filter out” reflections that can mask findings of interest.


PM 290 and T620 infrared imagers used simultaneously for roof scanning. The PM 290 is fitted here with a five inch LCD screen for ease of use and safety


Both LCD screens visible – system pivots vertically for closeup work – 10 hour battery capacity.


Troxler Roofreader nuclear gauge  is a non-destructive instrument that detects and quantifies hydrogen density beneath the roof surface and thereby giving an indication of the presence of  moisture (H2O). The instrument is used to confirm infrared findings on any roof and as a stand-alone device for heavy gravel ballasted roof systems.


Buckleys WR-10 wet roof leak detector for non-conductive roof surfaces Detects current flow across a wet roof Between a perimeter loop and the breach.


Buckleys PD130 High voltage, dry roof pinhole detector for non-conductive single membrane roof systems – detects current flow at the hole down to the metal deck.


TRAMEX RWS Capacitance type non-intrusive Moisture Meter for Roof, Wall & EIFS scan relative scale validation.


TRAMEX Compact Pin-Type intrusive Moisture Meter for Roof, Wall & EIFS scan relative scale validation.


TRAMEX Moisture Encounter Plus Capacitance type  Non-Intrusive shallow-depth relative scale Moisture Meter.


EXTECH EV20 Hygro-Thermometer measures relative and absolute humidity for interior moisture investigations.


UE Systems UP2000 Analog Ultrasound detector with optional LRM detector (left side image) utilized to facilitate electrical inspections of high voltage or suspect switchgear; mechanical condition assessments of rotating equipment; building window, skylight and exterior door seals; compressed air distribution and plumbing leakage.


Retrotec DM-2 Digital Pressure gauge, Blower door controller and data collection center for custom and automated Blower Door testing – paired with Q5E.


Retrotec Q5E Calibrated 8000 CFM – 2 HP Commercial Blower Door amplifies building envelope air leakage for infrared camera and smoke generator air/draft leak detection.


Wizard Stick smoke generator for interior and exterior building envelope leakage location (used with Q5E).


Testo 417 air flow speed measurement and CFM calculator for HVAC balance and unplanned draft quantification.

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