Nuclear Roof Moisture Inspections in the Raleigh, Triangle & Tri-State Area

Nuclear Gauge Moisture Testing for all Low-Slope or Flat Roofing Installations

A reliable and non-intrusive technique for moisture contamination assessment of new and older low slope or flat roof installations –

nuclear-gauge-operation-onroof1 | Nuclear Roof Moisture Inspections Raleigh

Initiation of measurement

nuclear-gauge-operation-onroof2 | Nuclear Roof Moisture Inspections Durham

Instrument placement on typical surface

Nuclear density gauges are:

  • Not affected by underlying metallic construction including the roof deck
  • Effective on conductive roof membranes (EPDM)
  • A stand-alone solution for rock ballasted roofs
  • The most reliable and consistent non-destructive method for infrared imaging confirmation

A typical nuclear only survey requires testing the roof surface at pre-determined grid intersections with 5×5 to 10×10 foot grid centerlines.

  • Nuclear testing may be effectively utilized in situations where infrared imaging is not feasible or productive (high equipment density with high parapet walls, etc).
  • Nuclear testing is typically more expensive than infrared surveying as the time required for grid layout may be extensive depending on the roof size and/or the grid size chosen.
  • The resulting report data is plotted on a scale roof layout with areas of concern highlighted and percent “wet” indicated in a table
  • Findings of interest may be outlined and numerically indentified on the roof surface for repair or replacement by a qualified roofing contractor.
  • Intrusive testing for non-warranty installations (core sampling, conductive probe, etc.**) may also be employed at the points of concern to validate the nuclear test indications.
  • Additional non-intrusive confirmation can be obtained with capacitive style meters such as the Tramex RWS (See Tools of the Trade) in the FAQ.
  • Suspect areas of membrane breach and water entry may be precisely located with either the Buckleys wet roof or dry roof ELD systems – click here for more detail

nukulur-plot | Nuclear Roof Moisture Inspections Morrisville

“Topographical” representation of nuclear survey result

nuke-finding-layout | Nuclear Roof Moisture Inspections Morrisville

One example of a traditional nuclear survey result

Armco uses the Troxler nuclear density gauge model 3216* which allows mapping of hydrogen concentrations within the roofing structure. As the quantity of hydrogen present in the roof assembly is primarily proportional to the amount of moisture present, targeted repair or replacement of moisture contaminated roofing becomes economically feasible.

The 3216 operates on the principle of neutron moderation where fast neutrons admitted by a radioactive source are slowed by hydrogen in the roof assembly. Slowed neutrons are detected and counts displayed are proportional to moisture (hydrogen) content in both analog (real time) and digital formats.

nuclear-guage-detail | building inspection service raleigh

Simplified view of gauge operation

nuclear-guage | building inspection service raleigh

Front panel readouts and controls the upper analog meter provides a real-time indication of hydrogen/moisture presence

*Gauge ownership and operation requires local certification and licensing by the respective state or U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission as well as certification for Hazardous Materials handling and transport. Each state radiation protection department has an annual fee structure for the utilization of the nuclear gauge within that state.

** Intrusive validation testing is performed by Armco exclusively on non-warranty roofs and with the permission of the client/roof owner and the utilization of roof manufacturer approved temporary repair methods. For intrusive validation testing on in-warranty roof systems we must be accompanied by the responsible roof contractor who will perform the subsequent test site repairs.


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“The deliverable product from Armco Infrared is based on a relaxed and professional on-roof discovery process coupled with a report format that is thorough, detailed and clear to our clients. The overall package is what we would expect from a North Carolina Registered Engineer. We have used Armco as a third-party independent infrared roof condition evaluator for a number of years and continue to see the finished product as a benefit with both our new client acquisition efforts as well as on-going customer service”

— R.W. – Senior Regional Field Operations Manager – National Roofing Products Manufacturer and Contractor – Read More Client Comments

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