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Infrared Imaging with associated image confirming techniques is one of the fastest and most effective methodologies for the detection, location and evaluation of hidden interior moisture or water leakage in your commercial building or your home!

You suspect you have a leak or moisture issue inside your building or residence because you have noticed one or more of the following items:

  • Damaged or stained wall or ceiling finishes
  • Buckled or loose flooring
  • Musty smells or mildew
  • Sticking doors or windows
  • Wet areas in the clawlspace
  • Settlement cracks in foundation walls
  • You can hear water running somewhere
  • Water bills have escalated slowly
  • The red or black triangle on the utility meter stops when the house main valve is off

Find out how we do what we do in the sections below

  • Evaporating water absorbs energy from the wall, ceiling or floor surface on which it occurs resulting in cooling of that surface compared to that surrounding it – on either side of the wall or surface. Cooler or warmer thermal patterns on surfaces are isolated quickly with a thermal imager showing areas for closer inspection and verification.

  • Water within wall insulation and behind foam (EIFS) insulating board results in higher heat conduction or heat loss in that area which is evident in warmer or cooler temperature patterns on the affected wall ceiling or floor – this technique is dependent on sufficient temperature difference inside to outside.

  • Pitched or shingled roof leakage is evident on attic decking and framing members through active leakage observed, surface staining or infrared detected evaporative cooling.

  • Crawlspace moisture inspection for plumbing leakage, ground water intrusion or condensation is done the old-fashioned way – direct and experienced observation – with the aid of conductivity and relative humidity metering.

  • Troublesome and ongoing leaks in low-slope or flat roof installations are quickly located utilizing Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) techniques along with Infrared Imaging – see Tools of the Trade for a look at this equipment.

Finding confirmation is accomplished to a good level of confidence with non-intrusive instrumentation such as capacitive moisture meters and nuclear gauges particularly if we have a known wet reference – see Tools of the Trade for a look at this equipment.

That said, there is nothing like seeing or feeling the wet surface to really know what we are talking about. Intrusive testing can include everything from small holes (1/2”) for conductivity meters or fiber-optic viewing of the interior up to larger holes to allow us to “reach out and touch it.”

Your recent experience and observation is a critical lens that will initially focus our investigation. With that guidance, we will also actively look for other possibilities as a moisture issue can have multiple sources or causes and multiple effects on the structure.

You will receive an immediate oral report of findings followed by an optional written report in pdf format via email. A telephone review of the report may be necessary depending on complexity. The report will include a short description of the process and instrumentation used, the location of the leak or moisture source, recommendations for repair and/or follow-up as well as additional recommended inspections (environmental, structural, etc) as may be deemed advisable. The report will be documented with both infrared and digital daylight paired images that show both finding locations as well as extent to the extent that inclusion is helpful.

Please give us a call for an initial evaluation of your situation – Bob McCoy Jr. @ 336-908-3547

On a Durham County school Infrared Roof Inspection Project, our client had this to say:

Mr. McCoy provided a very comprehensive, professional investigation and status report that allowed us to make credible decisions for the roofs of a five building elementary school campus. I would recommend his infrared services to anyone.

— W. Blake Talbott, AIA, Building Enclosure Consultant, BBH Design, RTP NC – Read More Client Comments

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