ARMCO Commercial Building Inspections FAQ’s

What is included in a full ASTM Standard Property Condition Assessment (PCA)?

  • What the property looks like (detailed physical description of the site, structure, utilities, mechanical and electrical systems)
  • Estimates of initial (Immediate Needs) costs required
  • Estimates of what phased (Reserve) costs will be experienced over the loan term (paving, flat work, site, roofing, structure, appliances, exterior finishes, HVAC, etc.).
  • A description of any safety or ADA related concerns or Immediate Needs issues

The site review and report process includes but is not limited to:

  • Visual inspection of Readily Accessible Major Components: Grounds, Paving, Site Drainage, Building Envelope,        Fenestrations, Roof, HVAC, Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Suppression, Interior finishes,Tenant comment, Tenant space condition
  • Review of Available building and site Plans, Maintenance Records and Other Documents Including Previous Consultants Reports
  • Interviews with Facility and Maintenance Management; Maintenance Services; Tenants; Zoning, Health and Building Inspection Departments; Fire Marshal; etc. as may be available
  • Other actions as may be required in the project scope – As in use of outside specialists (roofing, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, structural engineer, etc.)
  • Full photographic documentation coupled with a narrative style report that follows the ASTM report outline.

Click HERE to see a general outline of the PCR as defined by the ASTM E2018 standard.

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What could my customized buyer due diligence inspection include?

  • A simple walk through with the client making of issues noted and photographed for later reference
  • A review of a set of specific concerns including the flat roof condition, interior moisture and HVAC that are visually reviewed and may or may not include a summary report
  • An abbreviated ASTM E-2018 based Property Condition Assessment that does not include the reserve tables or ADA review and may be written in tabular (compact) or traditional narrative formats.
  • Co-ordination and/or sub-contracting of other disciplines for in-depth/exhaustive evaluations of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural aspects of the Property
  • Co-ordination and/or sub-contracting Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) by local providers

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What items are usually not including on the inspection or reporting?

  • Design analysis, scientific testing or “exhaustive” examination of any area of the Subject Property site or component
  • Compliance checking for building codes, laws, statutes, ADA requirements, environmental regulations, hazardous materials, fire protection, etc
  • Use of the inspection report as a bid or proposal to perform repair or construction work
  • Tenant equipment operation or moving tenant goods during the inspection
  • Any component of the Property not mentioned in the work proposal and report

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How long does the process of site review and report writing take?

Consider the following examples and see if you can find a project that is close to yours (each site assumes Triangle area locations – Higher write-up hours are for a full ASTM inspection and report)

  1. 6000SF new single retail building: 2 hours on site with roof access, 2 to 10 hours to write up: 4 to 12 hours total
  1. 4000SF 60-year-old apartment house w/6 units, 50% walk through (50% not available), w/ crawlspace, roof not accessible, attic is accessible, 4-6 hours on site, 3-10 hour write up: 7 to 16 hours total
  1. 30,000SF Small early 90s apartment complex with 4 buildings and 8 apartments per building for 32 units total, 16 units on second floor, ASTM standard, view 50% of units, (8 up and 8 down), roof not accessible/view from ground, 4 hours on site and 8hour write up: 16 hours total
  1. Midsize apartment complex built in the early 80s with 150 units, clubhouse with pool. spa, gym, leasing office, etc, 20 acre site, wood exterior in fair condition, asphalt in poor to fair condition, aluminum framed windows in fair condition, polybutylene piping with some evidence of leakage — ASTM standard with 25 units viewed, 8 hours on site and 12 hour writeup: 20 hours total
  1. 3500SF Small retail or office building constructed in 1975 with crawlspace, accessible pitched roof and attic, modified NCHI standard – 3 hours on site with 5 hour writeup: 8 hours total
  1. 60,000SF six floor office building with one elevator built in 1960, pre-quote site visit shows signs of leaking and accessible BUR, limited cracking in reinforced concrete foundation walls, moisture noted in basement. Project scope includes subcontract to roofing and structural specialists. Central HVAC under service contract — 8 hours on site + roof and engineering consultants +15 hour write up: 24 hours total
  1. 40,000SF two floor office building with one elevator built in 1990 with single membrane roof covering, masonry exterior walls, typical store-front style extruded anodized aluminum framed door systems and fixed windows, all in good condition with asphalt paving in fair to good condition, mechanical and roofing systems under service contracts, sprinkler system inspection tags current, tenant/zoning/building inspection/fire Marshal interviews satisfactory, ASTM standard – 3 hours on site with 12 hour write up: 15 hours total
  1. 75,000SF 1997 construction retail strip shopping center with 1 anchor and 10 tenant spaces of 1500 to 6000 SF each with single membrane roof covering, EIFS and masonry exteriors and typical storefront window and door construction. Rooftop packaged HVAC systems are owned and serviced by property management, sprinkler system tags are not current, ASTM standard inspection with 80% walk through: 4 hours on site + 12 hour write-up: 16 hours total
  1. Very large downtown retail complex of 9 multi-floor (2-15) buildings with elevators and escalators and total square footage of slightly over 2 million. Original construction dates range from 1907 to 2005. PCA completion is to be accomplished within eight days utilizing abbreviated ASTM standard template. Subject Property is generally in good condition with some evidence of roof leakage: 40 hours on site with 24 hours for writeup: 64 hours total

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Why should I choose Armco?

Because our clients say we do good work – read more!

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What areas do you service?

Southeast of the US including North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia. However, we do offer our services nationwide.

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Do you offer both residential and commercial services?

We primarily service commercial properties, but do offer moisture and energy loss infrared scans to residential customers.

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Who has to be on site during the inspection?

For roof infrared and electrical work two people are required to be present for safety. For commercial moisture or energy jobs, someone must be present in the building (but not necessarily accompanying Armco personnel). Homeowners (or legal representative) must be present for residential moisture or energy jobs.

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What are the deliverables after an inspection?

After an inspection, both oral and written reports that include images will be delivered. Digital copies are available upon request.

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What if the report reveals problems?

Each report contains a summary and recommendation section that is prioritized. We are available by cell after the inspection for consultation and can revisit the site as necessary for an additional fee or as negotiated initially as part of the scope of work.

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