Infrared Roof Inspections in the Raleigh, Triangle & Tri-State Area

What you can expect from an Armco Infrared inspection of your roof:

  • Independent, reliable and realistic estimates of moisture contamination percentage to facilitate repair/replace decisions
  • Accurate location of moisture contamination for surgical replacement prior to overlay or coating application or to guide repairs to extend the roof life
  • New roof performance baselines for future infrared evaluations
  • Validation of good work and good “as built” condition for new roof installations
  • Minimized leak damage to furnishings or finishes
  • Reliable evidence for litigation efforts or negotiations

Infrared thermal imaging is not effective on heavy gravel ballasted single membrane roof installations from above or below the roof deck. Results from such an inspection will be misleading at best and typically worthless. Meaningful moisture assessment of a heavy rock ballasted roof system is best accomplished utilizing nuclear survey equipment. Click here for more information.

A typical Armco Inspections client had this to say:

“The deliverable product from Armco Infrared is based on a relaxed and professional on-roof discovery process coupled with a report format that is thorough, detailed and clear to our clients. The overall package is what we would expect from a North Carolina Registered Engineer. We have used Armco as a third-party independent infrared roof condition evaluator for a number of years and continue to see the finished product as a benefit with both our new client acquisition efforts as well as on-going customer service”

— R.W. – Senior Regional Field Operations Manager – National Roofing Products Manufacturer and Contractor – Read More Client Comments

Infrared roof moisture discovery is a transition game – played in the evening as a roof cools or during the day as it heats ….. Here is how the evening version works:

sun | infrared roof inspection morrisville
During the day, the sun radiates energy onto the roof surface and into the roof substrate, and then at night, the roof slowly radiates this heat back into outer space. Areas of the roof that are of a higher mass (wet) retain this heat longer than that of the lower mass (dry) areas and appear warmer than the surrounding roof surfaces.

In the hands of an experienced thermographer, a thermal imager can clearly distinguish and record a digital “picture” or thermograph of the areas of temperature difference. The day game is just the opposite with an infrared scan for areas that heat slower because the mass is higher and therefore appear cooler.

The three representative images below are of the same finding on a recent project

Roof | Infrared Roof Inspections Raleigh

Evening Infrared image Lighter= warmer/wet below

roof-02-1 | infrared survey raleigh

Morning Infrared image Darker=cooler/wet below

roof-03-1 | infrared thermal imaging raleigh

Photo of outlined area Moisture testing underway

Prior to making thermograph and photographic images for the report, we mark an outline and numerically identify the warmer and likely wet area so that the location may be easily found for later examination and possible surgical repair. The marked and numbered areas are typically included on an overall drawing of the roof surface as well as included in a numbered table of findings, finding sizes and type of confirmation testing utilized.


armco-inspection-reports | infrared roof inspection raleigh

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