Electronic Leak Detection in the Raleigh, Triangle & Tri-State Area

Electronic Leak Detection and pinpoint Leak Location for Low-Slope or “flat” Non-conductive Roofing Installations

When the leak source is not obvious and leakage is an ongoing problem, our skill and equipment capability will usually win the day.

wet-roof | Electronic Leak Detection in the Raleigh, Triangle & Tri-State Area

Wet Roof leak detection in process with the Buckleys WR-10 low voltage system

Wet Roof System

  • Low voltage operation
  • Utilized more for existing or smaller roofs
  • Roof must be wet and non-conductive (no EPDM)
  • Works for ballasted systems with pavers and heavy gravel or very irregular surfaces
  • Requires electrical connection to the metal roof deck
  • May require a two person crew to maintain the wet surface
  • Sensitive to the current flow direction across the roof surface between the two probes
  • Operator triangulates on the leak location with the probes
  • Finding location is marked on the roof

dry-roof | Electronic Leak Detection Raleigh

Dry Roof leak detection ongoing with Buckleys’ Pd-130 high voltage system

Dry Roof System

  • High voltage operation
  • Cost effective for larger roofs
  • Utilized for new and existing roof leak location and New Roof integrity validation
  • Requires a dry & non-conductive roof surface (no EPDM)
  • Roof should be relatively smooth
  • Single person crew only
  • Requires electrical connection to the metal roof deck
  • Detects high voltage spark at the point of membrane breach along the survey path
  • Finding location is marked on the roof

Flat roofs can develop leaks for a variety of reasons and at any point in their lifespan. Workers can accidentally (and unknowingly) pierce a roof’s waterproof membrane even before construction is completed. Extreme weather, debris, poor design and poor construction can all conspire to create leaks. These leaks are often too small to spot with the naked eye yet and if left un-repaired can rapidly cause damage to a building’s structure or interior finishes and equipment.

Currently, the majority of low-slope (flat) roof substrates are constructed with electrically conductive materials including steel or concrete decking and a few have a foil-faced insulation layer directly below the surface membrane. Our leak detectors use the conductive properties of these sub-surface materials to locate faults by passing current through the upper membrane defects to the conductive layer beneath.

Electronic Leak Detection for Wet Roof Surfaces*:

wet-roof-surfaces | Electronic Leak Detection Durham

WR-10 operation 2


Electronic Leak Detection for Dry Roof Surfaces*:


In the US, the conductive substrate will usually be the metal or concrete roof deck with the “roof structure” or insulation directly above and between the deck and the non-conductive membrane. Water intrusion at the breach will usually provide a conductive path from the surface to the deck.

* The original illustrations with Armco annotations and Armco abbreviated text for the above system descriptions are courtesy of the Buckleys “Roofing-Application-Guideline.PDF”


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