Infrared & Ultrasound Electrical Inspection Windows

Infrared windows permit closed-panel infrared electrical inspections and eliminate 99% of arc flash potential triggers ……

IRISS, Inc manufactures the only re-enforced and impact tested, industrial-grade, infrared inspection windows in the business. We believe that they are also the best in the business. IRISS windows are currently installed in OEM switchgear by ABB and others.

“Save time, save money and stay safe.”

Benefits of Infrared and Ultrasound Inspection Window Installation:

  • Shock Safety: The risk of shock, shock related injury or electrocution is virtually eliminated for both Infrared and Ultrasound inspections
  • Arc-Flash Safety: The risk of arc-flash injury is reduced to almost nil and the need for PPE is reduced to that required for a closed cabinet or unexposed live components – Category 0 —
  • Improved Preventive Maintenance and Plant Operating Cost: IR windows and Ultrasound access ports facilitate a systematic approach to data collection: Same target, Same location, Same angle, Same distance and Same timing of inspection. Consistency in data collection leads to improved diagnostics, reduced unscheduled downtime and improved on-time product delivery
  • Equipment Inspection Efficiency: The use of infrared windows in high risk situations (high voltage switchgear, dirty environments, etc) reduces the inspection time by eliminating the need for PPE as well as time needed to open and close the respective panels
  • Compliance: OSHA and NFPA guideline and mandate compliance per the NFPA 70B and 70E is facilitated

Armco Infrared co-operation with IRISS

We can provide varying levels of support for your Infrared Inspection Window installation including determination of placement, size and style of window. Typically the design data is conveniently gathered at the same time as an infrared inspection completed with cover panels off. At this time, placement and sizing is easily accomplished as the locations and required viewing angles of critical components are apparent. If necessary, we can suggest local electrical contractors suitable for the installation that will contract directly with you for the project. Project Management may be handled by Armco Infrared or as convenient for the client. Please call us at 888-908-3547 for additional discussion and/or clarification of any details or questions you may have.

IRISS infrared and ultrasound inspection devices include: The Industrial-Grade, Reinforced and Impact Tested VPFR Infrared Window — The VP12 Ultrasound Access Port provides a standardized location and method for accessing acoustic data – Model TPC Transmissive Replacement Cover designs include integral IR “viewing” ports for your PDU front panels ….

Industrial-Grade – Reinforced

Ultrasound Ports

Custom Transmissive Panel Covers

Custom Shape Ports – (CAP)

R&D Environment “Crystal”

Custom Application Panels (CAP) with application sized reinforced viewing ports are available in rectangular shapes in custom sizes — The “Crystal” Window model is available for clean-room and R&D-type controlled environments where the highest transmissivity is needed.

Product specifications; installation instructions and videos; white papers and other educational information are all available at the IRISS, Inc. website www.IRISS.com.

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